Learn More Indiana College Go! Week

Attention Seniors! Are you ready to start filling out your college applications? Indiana’s College Application Week is coming up on September 26 – 30, 2022, and many colleges and universities will be waiving their application fees during the week. Find out application information for the colleges you plan to apply to, including if they’ll be waiving their fees, by visiting LearnMoreIndiana.org/college/applying-to-schools/#app-process. While you’re there, be sure to read through the list of things you’ll need before you start your applications. You can use this list to help you gather everything you’ll need. If you’re still figuring out what colleges may be a good fit, set up an appointment with your counselor. You can also start your research using this worksheet.

East Noble will celebrate College Go! Week by doing some fun trivia events throughout the week.  On Tuesday, September 27th wear your best NEON colors because your Future is looking bright!  On Wednesday, September 28th, wear your favorite college gear!  For each of those days, the first period class with the most participation will win donuts!   On Thursday, Seniors will have the chance to fill out College Applications in the Library.