ENHS Teacher of the YEar Chris Mettert

Congratulations to ENHS's Teacher of the Year, Chris Mettert.  

Mr. Mettert truly cares for every student in this building. He always puts students and their hopes, needs, and desires first. His students know that he truly cares for them and this is evident in how they interact with him daily. He is there to listen to their problems at home and at school and is an advocate for their well being and safety. Mr. Mettert and his show choir program are the reason many former EN students have completed their degrees and graduated with a diploma. He is kind and helpful to other programs and activities in the school. He will drop almost anything to help another teacher in need if it's going to benefit EN students. He brings a love for music and teaching into his classroom every day. He is able to reach high ability choir students and push them to new heights but also spends as much time and love on unified choir giving special needs students a great musical experience. All special needs students love his unified choir class and he spends time each day making a personal connection with each student. Mr. Mettert truly inspires every student to learn regardless of their background or ability.