EN Travels

The EN Travels Program is gearing up to hold their first informational meetings about the trips being planned for the summer of 2025.  Parents and Students are invited to the informational meeting being held on Thursday, February 22nd at 6PM in the Library.  There are two trips being planned for that summer:

Trip 1: Costa Rica - 9 Days, Traveling to San Jose, Arenal Region, Monteverde, and the Central Pacific Coast. 

Trip 2:  France & England - 8 Days, traveling to Paris, Normandy, London

Use the links below to RSVP for the informational meetings.   You can also fill the links out to receive information about that trip if you are unable to make the meeting.  You are not committing to the trip yet, just getting information!

Costa Rica RSVP: https://rsvp.eftours.com/symcy... 

France & England RSVP: https://rsvp.eftours.com/vvz8e... 

You can sign up to receive information regarding both trips if you'd like.