College Application Week

College Application Week is coming!

Thinking of applying to any of the colleges below? 

Many colleges will waive their fee sometime this month (most in last week of September).

We have made arrangements your English and Econ classes to come to the library for help with college applications on September 26th.

If you don’t have English or Econ this trimester, we will be glad to help you on September 27th

If you find yourself with free time, you can start the application at any time 😊.

Just google to find the college website (it should end with .edu ), for example, or

Be sure to apply for UNDERGRADUATE admissions.

Find out application information for the colleges you plan to apply to, including if they’ll be waiving their fees, by visiting While you’re there, be sure to read through the list of things you’ll need before you start your applications. You can use this list to help you gather everything you’ll need. If you’re still figuring out what colleges may be a good fit, set up an appointment with your counselor. You can also start your research using this worksheet.

Participating Colleges: