e learning
Need Help? Want to know what the procedures are for eLearning? Don't know how to access Canvas? Can't connect to your wi-fi? Find answers to these and more questions below!

Important Facts:

  1. EVERY cancellation is an eLearning Day.
  2. All classroom work will be posted by 9:00 AM on the day of the cancellation. K-4 students will find their work posted on Seesaw. 5-12 students will find their work on Canvas.
  3. Teachers will have set office hours that will be communicated to parents either on the teacher website, through emails to parents, on the class Canvas page, etc.
  4. You should expect your child's work on an eLearning Day to take 4-5 hours to complete.
  5. Completed eLearning assignments will be used to determine attendance on an eLearning Day.
  6. Students should be able to complete the work on their own without assistance from a parent.
  7. Less than 15 percent of our students do not have access to the Internet on a weather cancelled day. If your elementary child does not have access, the media centers will be open for one additional hour at the end of the day for three days following an eLearning day. This extra time will give students an opportunity to download their needed content, and teachers will be flexible with elementary students concerning assignment due dates. If your secondary child does not have access, the media centers will also be opened for one additional hour for two days following the eLearning day. Assignments for secondary students will be due based on the current make up work policies in your child's school.