District Administration

Position Name E-mail Address Phone
Superintendent of Schools Ann Linson alinson@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Assistant Superintendent Dr. Becca Lamon blamon@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Chief Finance & Operations Officer Brian Leitch bleitch@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Energy Education Specialist John Arnold jarnold@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Director of Food Services Marcos Reyna mreyna@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Director of Technology Joanna Cook jcook@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Corporation Social Worker Kris DeLong kdelong@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Director of Maintenance Bill Knox bknox@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Director of Transportation Josh Buhro
jbuhro@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Coordinator of Federal Programs Rebecca Essig bessig@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Director of Safety and Special Education Matt Stinson mstinson@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Deputy Treasurer Mary Casselman mcasselman@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Director of Human Resources Melissa Gibson mgibson@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Payroll/Insurance Clerk Kristi Beall kbeall@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Assistant to Food Service Director Patty Handshoe phandshoe@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Special Education Secretary Amy Hillegass ahillegass@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Behavior Consultant Tami Housholder thousholder@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Custodian Jack Rhodes jrhodes@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Receptionist Cindy Mertz cmertz@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502
Secretary to the Superintendent of Schools Cathy Wright cwright@eastnoble.net (260)347-2502